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Il Gruppo


Warranty of Quality is the primary mission for Univel
 Group, due to a solid tradition and confirmed 
effort in the challenge of European Integration.


Castagna, Filca, Tecnopack
Three companies working together to offer the highest degree of flexibility and a range of diversified products

In a continuously evolving market, our group offers tailor-made solutions, based on experience, technology, and customer care. Quality and service are the essence of our daily commitment. Fully outfitted laboratories with the most advanced equipment ensure constant quality control and nonstop Research & Development activity. Every company is ISO 9001 certified and all products coming from each plant are BRC Packaging certificated, to guarantee safe and hygienic production processes. Food packaging requires advanced technical knowledge in order to preserve food integrity and safety. Thanks to our decades long experience, we become actual partners to our customers, and not just suppliers, able to give technical support and assistance.

Flexible packaging is more and more established in many industrial applications, even outside the food industry. Our proved experience in different areas such as pharma, cosmetics, household, and more, allows us to offer the most suitable solution to fit every need, depending on the packaging's purpose and the materials employed. Castagna, Filca and Tecnopack are now part of Univel Group, with the common goal of providing high quality products in flexible packaging. Each company maintains its peculiarities and strengths, but is able at the same time to exploit the opportunities and advantages of being part of a larger organization.

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Gruppo - Univel
Gruppo - Univel
Gruppo - Univel
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