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Companies are always involved in the context of their territory, and Gruppo Univel wishes to give its contribution in response to the social demands of its local community.

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Univel for social awareness
I bambini delle fate

Castagna Univel supports the "I Bambini delle Fate" foundation, a non profit organization financing social action projects meant to aid children and teenagers who are affected by autism or disability. The financed projects pursue the goal of improving the lives of those affected by autism and disabilities and assisting their families through rehabilitation interventions and interventions for social inclusion. Our contribution, alongside that of other backers, makes it possible to finance projects that couldn't be funded in any other way.

The "I Bambini delle Fate" foundation, together with Castagna Univel, is backing the "AIUTA AD AIUTARE LA FONDAZIONE DANELLI" project (Lodi)
The project's goals consist in strengthening protective factors like the health and psychological wellbeing of children and their parents. By helping the latter in gaining knowledge about their children's difficulties, and about how to face them, the families receive an important aid in their everyday life. Thanks to the formation of groups, parents can get to know other families and support them, upholding a virtuous circle of social commitment.

Filca Univel supports the youth sector of A.S.D. Crescentinese Football Club, coordinator of a football training program to promote improvement for young football players.

Castagna Univel supports the youth teams from the Santo Stefano Lodigiano (LO) oratory, also through the donation of a defibrillator. (Read article)

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