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Le tecnologie


Being able to grow and evolve, aware of the importance of technology and human resources, are the essential ingredients of success.


Technological innovation is at the core of our Group

The group is highly focused on technological innovation. Its personnel is constantly updated and trained in the latest developments in packaging, and has access to state of the art machinery, able to compete at the top level in the third millennium market. Rotogravure presses up to 11 colors and flexographic presses allow for high quality, speed and flexibility in the service of our customers. Solvent and solvent-less lamination, the in-line execution of several converting processes, and the in-house graphic and cylinder engraving facility, enable Univel Group to hold a leading position in the market. In-line inkjet printers allow printing variable data at very high speed, including unique codes on the back side of the laminate, with ink suitable for food contact.
Some of the slitting machines are equipped with laser perforating systems, able to engrave the surface of the film to get an easy open packaging or to add micro perforation.
The R&D laboratories pay close attention to food safety and to quality of raw materials and finished products, in order to guarantee the maximum freshness of products and respect for both consumers and environment.

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innovazione e ricerca
innovazione e ricerca
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innovazione e ricerca
innovazione e ricerca


Our machines for rotogravure processes, all of which are provided with in-line lamination and equipped with cameras connected with automatic detection of printing faults, are the core of our work. We are equipped with modern plants allowing for production of laminated films in a single working stage, with superior printing quality and full reproducibility of the artworks to be printed.


The flexo printing machine, configured in order to satisfy the ever-growing need for quality and efficiency, enables us to produce while maintaining low energy consumption levels. The machinery is state of the art, able to achieve excellent results, with a high performance level and minimum energy consumption, due to its compact design meant to reduce setup times and waste production.


Flexibility is the main strength of a range of implants including machines for the application of solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives, all of them characterized by efficient drying systems to ensure a very low residual solvent content. High-efficiency laminating machines allow for use of a wide range of materials, plastic film, paper, aluminum, and more. Implants are fully equipped with control systems to guarantee the highest precision in processes, alongside rotogravure and flexo elements for the application of adhesives, varnishes, and coldseal coatings, also available in-register.

Analysis Laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with essential machinery for quality control of materials, starting from their introduction in our plants and continuing through the whole line of production, all the way to their delivery. All checks are performed by highly qualified personnel. Research-and-Development departments are always ready to develop and actualize the latest inputs from the market.


Cylinders Area

Modern and mechanized storage cellars, in which more than 15000 cylinders are stored, allow us to make a considerable number of printing plants available, in order to give ready and consistent answer to the growing demand of this field's market.


Colors departments

Our color's kitchens have been designed and built in order to guarantee high quality and accuracy whenever mixture of inks and color reproducibility are concerned. Color matching is regulated through instrumental analysis, making personal evaluations from our operators unnecessary in order to avoid even the slightest differences in tone.

Graphic departments

These departments are where our customers' creative ideas are turned into graphic material, fundamental for the preparation and engraving of printing cylinders and flexo plates. Equipped with next generation MacOS systems and with dedicated software, they guarantee reliable and quick service for any need in our business.

Cylinder engraving

We engrave rotogravure cylinders for our printing machines. The engraving technique is electromechanical and digital, for the production of cylinders meant for different rotogravure applications (film and paper printing, application of adhesives, lacquers, varnishes, and coldseal). Quality of engravings and the reproducibility of the artworks are guaranteed through the use of state of the art implants and thanks to our highly specialized know-how.

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