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We act as a "boutique", where you can find high quality, customized solutions, perfectly tailored to suit your needs. Speed, flexibility and customized solutions.


Tailor-made packaging
A wide range of laminates and transparent films

Univel group can offer many different solutions, ranging from standard to tailor-made ones, in order to satisfy even the most complex requests. Each product is prepared with craftsmanship and precision. The flexibility of our organization guarantees quick and on time delivery of orders.
Castagna Univel, in addition to its traditional laminates such as Formivel, Univel, and Propivel, offers a wide variety of special products, including highly deformable film and solutions based on low temperature sealing PE, easy peel and particular materials with anti-UV barriers or anti-fog effects, always maintaining a high degree of transparency.
Filca Univel converts and prints monofilms and multilayer films composed of Opp, Pet, Paper, Aluminum, Opa and PE, to which it can apply several special coatings such as coldseal, functional overlacquers, and glossy or matt varnishes.
Tecnopack Univel prints in flexo and laminates nearly all kinds of film. Its very high quality, fast manufacturing and flexibility can match any customer's expectations.


For the packaging of cold cuts of meat, meticulous applied research allows us to offer, in a single unique solution, some fundamental advantages, the key-factors of the line's success:
Improved shelf life thanks to high-barrier structures that ensure perfect resistance against the gas of internal microclimate.
Anti-fog treatment, specifically developed, guarantees (even in unfavorable conditions of internal humidity) maximum transparency and brightness. These characteristics are enhanced thanks to special films and particular adhesives. Transparency and visibility of the contents, and consequently attractiveness of the product, are highly improved.
Anti-UV is fundamental to avoid alterations of the natural color of the products during production and use.

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